The FB-ABR Challenge Cup

The Boats

The later stages  of the 2015-2016 saw some of the guys give up their boats for one reason or another. This left us with just three boats to compete for the trophy. A decision was made to invite a few of the guys who have been fishing along side us for a while to increase the competition. Gordon Goldie with Ticketty Boo was first to except followed by Scott and Brian on Dinnae Fash. Dad and son team, Allan and Stan with Salacia made the total number of boats six for there 2016-2017 competition. The boats are listed below. 

Tartan Spartan

Tartan Spartan is a Warrior 175 with a 100hp Suzuki on the back. It is cream over blue and is owned by Jason

 Tartan Spartan, Warrior 175 sitting in the factory ready to go                            The Inaugural launch, East Tarbet 2010.

 Tartan Spartan after a good days fishing at Port Logan






Paisley Pete

 Paisley Pete is a Warrior 165 with a 60hp 2 stroke Mariner owned by Graham Paisley, AKA Winston 

 Paisley Pete ready for the off at Dunbar














 Paisley Pete Going through her paces in Loch Etive. 

Ticketty Boo 2


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Dinnae Fash

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Hellraiser 3