The FB-ABR Challenge Cup

2013-2014 saw the Tartan Spartan win it for the 4th year running.

2012-2013 winner was the Tartan Spartan.

2011-2012 winner saw Jason put his name on the trophy for the second year running with 24 species.

2010-2011 saw a new winner on the cup with Jason in his first year with Tartan Spartan logging 26 species.

2009-2010 saw the crew of Hellraiser 2 out on their own with 25 species

2008-2009 saw a three way split with the crews of Hellraiser 2, Outcast and Lindisfarne all catching 24 species.

2007-2008 saw a tie again with two boats registering 25 species. The crews of Hellraiser 2 and Outcast enjoying the spoils with mags presenting the cup.

2006-2007 was a tie with the crews of Hellraiser 2 again this time matched by Neil Turnbull on Skua with 29 species.

2005-2006 winners and first to get their names on the coveted trophy were Les and Tony from Hellraiser 2 with 20 species.