The FB-ABR Challenge Cup


     The FB-ABR was set up by a group of like minded boat owners who enjoyed the cameraderie and banter as much as their fishing. Founded in 2005 it was originally a light hearted competetion between The Happy Hooker, Hellraiser 11 and Paisley Pete it soon caught the interest of friends and for a while we had 6 boats competing for the cup. In recent times some of the guys have sold there boats or moved on to other things. We are now back to the original 3 boats, although the competition is as fierce as ever. 

     The competition is run from November to November and is won by the boat with the greatest number of species caught from their own boat over this time. Every year the crews meet up at the Salen Hotel in Loch Sunart to congratulate the winner and start the following seasons competion.


The FB-ABR Cup and logo